Janet has supervised over 30 MA and PhD students in a range of substantive areas in Sociology and in Political Economy.

PhD (since 2005)

  • Marnie Jull, Dissipating Interpersonal Argument: An Autobiographical Study of Intersubjectivity, Conflict and Change, 2016

  • Helin Burkay, The Olive as an Object of Rural Development: The Cultural Politics of Organic Food and the Making of the Local, 2016
  • Amanda Wilson, Sowing the Seeds of a Collective Autonomy: An Analysis of Post-Capitalist Possibilities in Food-Based Livelihoods, 2015
  • Riva Soucie, So Long Little White Fence? Young Adults Confront and Transform Notions of Home, 2012
  • Nick Scott, Reassembling Urban Travel: Mobilities, Neighbourhoods, and Off-Car Possibilities, 2012
  • Karen Foster, Relating to Work: Generation, Discourse and Social Change, co-supervised with Andrea Doucet, 2011
  • Rebecca Nabert-Chubb, The Treatment of Women, Gender and Diversity in Local Economic Development, co-supervised with Rianne Mahon, 2009
  • Andrea Sharkey, Mosaic of Silence – Hearing What Young People in Canada Have to Say About Citizenship, 2009
  • Willow Scobie, Adulthood and Other Horizons: The Complexities of Temporalities and Orientations to the Future, co-supervised with Hugh Armstrong, 2007

Master’s (since 2005)

  • Gurpreet Hothi, Understanding Citizenship Education in the 21st Century – The Global Turn in Educational Curricula, 2016

  • Rachel Prentice, "It's a game, you've got to play the game": 'Motivation' and 'Being Employable' in Ontario Unemployment Supports, 2015
  • Vanessa Peck (thesis with distinction), 'Celebrating Cancer': Young Women Negotiating the Cultural Politics of Survivorship, co-supervised with Xiaobei Chen, 2013
  • Holly Gilroy, En(gulf)ed: Frame Analysis of the New York Times Online News Coverage Following the 2010 BP Oil Spill, co-supervised with Aaron Doyle, 2011
  • Justin Taylor, Creating Integration, 2011
  • Erin Murphy (thesis with distinction), Ask the Audience: Technology and the University Classroom, 2010
  • Lauren Polowyk, Redefining Social Capital: Historical Origins, Pragmatic Contentions and Alluring Outcomes, 2009
  • Jessica Pinto, Psychological Empowerment and Marginalized Communities – A Critique of the Empowered Participatory Governance Model, 2009
  • Perez Nyamwange, Gender and the Politics of Time, 2009
  • Chris Longtin (thesis with distinction), Left out of the picture : intersections of gender & dis/ability, 2009
  • Tracey Hazelwood, Investigating Social Policy Relationships – A Critical Analysis of Understandings of First Nation Family Violence, 2009
  • Vanessa Holm, Acting in solidarity with the natural world: conscious living and the case of vegetarianism, 2008
  • Amanda Barry, Understanding the Social Construction of Scale through the Analysis of Scale Narratives: Building a Sustainable Community in New Brunswick, 2008
  • Nick Scott (thesis with distinction),  The Social Dynamics of Canadian Protest Participation, 2007
  • Sheryl Peters (thesis with distinction), The Social World Reversed: Towards a Sociology of Activist Community Arts Practices, 2006




  • Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
  • Loeb building,
  • Carleton University,
  • Ottawa, K1R 5B6

Dr. Janet Siltanen